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Luban family's whole house customization, with ingenuity and sincerity, seriously build and upgrade the whole house's high-end customization, improve the living environment, and create a classic century mansion

the whole house customization of Luban family helped the smooth opening of Weifang Ruiqing hospital. Thank the hospital leaders and President Liu for their recognition

connotation of whole house customization

whole house customization is a home customization solution integrating furniture design, customization and installation services. It combines consumers' aesthetics and living habits to create a full space exclusive customized home from furniture to soft decoration. It can be designed from the hard decoration stage of the house, to the layout and customization of furniture, and then to the layout of soft decoration, forming a whole dynamic line of customization of the whole house

advantages of whole house customization

1 Make better use of space and reduce unnecessary expenses

reduce unnecessary expenses. Using the whole house customization scheme, we can consider the overall situation from the beginning of decoration, from the pattern, style, material selection, color matching to the detailed design planning, to avoid invalid and messy steps. Generally, the whole set of customization is completed, and the commonly used furniture is configured, which can well control the budget

the whole house customization has strong adaptability. According to the house type, the overall house layout scheme can be designed. According to the space size and use needs, suitable household products can be customized to solve the pain points of space utilization, especially suitable for the layout of special house types

2. Meet the needs of personalization and express life attitude

in the design process of customized home, we pay attention to in-depth communication with consumers. Consumers are equivalent to designers. The overall design of the house is deeply integrated with consumers' needs, preferences, living habits, aesthetic standards and house type pain points. From a professional point of view, realize the exclusive customized dream house, so that the home will also make a sound, expressing each consumer's personal pursuit and life attitude

precautions for choosing a customized home for the whole house

1 Choose Luban family whole house customization

big brands will have their own production lines, and control the quality of products in place. Moreover, big brands have strong business strength, good after-sales service, and quality problems can be traced. Luban aristocratic family customized one-stop intimate service mode to ensure the quality and transparency of service

2. Environmental protection performance of household materials is very important

to build a new home, we should always put health and environmental protection first, and then consider price and style. Indoor decoration pollution has a great impact on people's health, especially children's health. Many children die from decoration pollution every year in China. Indoor is the main place for children's activities. Formaldehyde and other harmful substances exceeding the standard have become one of the main culprits of children suffering from blood diseases. E0 formaldehyde free board is recommended to eliminate formaldehyde

3. Considering the long-term use plan in combination with personal habits

because everyone has different living habits, the problems that need to be solved are also different. For example, there will be a big gap in design needs between friends with many shoes and families with babies. Therefore, before making a customized home plan for the whole house, first clarify your living habits and moving lines of home life, such as considering the changes in demand after the increase of family members, the increase in goods after long-term residence, and whether to consider the later storage of goods

Luban family's whole house customization,

with ingenuity and sincerity, we will seriously create and upgrade the whole house's high-end customization,

improve the living environment and create a classic century mansion




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