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If you are a young worker, have no time to take care of the floor, and the budget is not very sufficient, then it is recommended to choose laminate flooring. If you want to enjoy the natural, warm, noble and elegant wood culture, the budget is not a problem, you can choose solid wood flooring. Of course, for many working-class people, we might as well make a compromise. We can consider the solid wood multi-storey floor with moderate price, stable performance and easy care

first, only by strengthening the knowledge of flooring can we make a better choice

1. Solid wood flooring

solid wood flooring is a pure natural monomer board, so it has natural texture, good foot feel, adjusting indoor temperature and humidity and other natural attributes of wood, giving people an elegant, warm and natural feeling

2. Solid wood composite floor

solid wood composite floor is formed by cutting single boards into thin veneers, reorganizing them in a crisscross manner, and then pasting wood veneers. The purpose of doing this is to change the defect that monomer solid wood is inevitably easy to deform, which not only retains the natural properties of appearance, but also reduces the unstable factors in performance. In short, it is both good-looking and easy to use

3. Laminate

laminate is made of high-density fiberboard, decorative paper and wear-resistant paper at high temperature and high pressure. Its designs and styles go beyond the limits of nature. At the same time, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, dirt resistance, easy care, affordable and so on

second, you can choose your heart only by learning the purchase steps well

1. The style is what you want


it must be the first thing to like when you look at it. Otherwise, it's useless to tell you how environmentally friendly and wear-resistant this floor is, and it can't meet your visual aesthetic requirements. Choose the right size according to the bedroom area

2. Strict quality control

generally speaking, the following three key factors determine the quality of the floor: appearance quality, processing accuracy, physical and chemical properties. These projects, as brand flooring, will provide inspection certificates, coupled with their own careful observation, can easily ensure the quality of flooring

3. Environmental protection must be certified

environmental protection is a problem that most of us will mention when purchasing decoration building materials. As a consumer, we should ask the store to issue an environmental protection certificate, which is what we often hear “ Ten ring certification &rdquo

4. Comprehensive consideration of price

in addition to the false propaganda and deliberate exaggeration of some illegal businesses, the floor price is associated with value. When shopping, we should first consider the gap between the budget and the actual cost. Floor is one of the main parts of decoration. Generally speaking, it is reasonable to account for 1/5 of the total decoration budget

5. Care varies from material to material

each type of floor has its own characteristics. For solid wood, because its surface is painted with paint, it must be careful when using it compared with laminate flooring, which is not as casual as laminate flooring. Moreover, wood, a natural material, also needs to be maintained with essential oils to make it longer and more beautiful





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